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Spanish - Speaking Countries and their Flags

Spanish spread to the New World (Central and South America) as a result of the expansionist exploits of the Spanish "Conquitadores" beginning in the fifteenth century AD. With the arrival of Christopher Columbus to a small island in the Bahamas, Spain (as well as England and Portugal) began the exploration and conquest of the Americas.

Spanish-speaking countries and their flags
(click on a flag for a larger view - if the country has an active link [underlined],
then the site has information from that country. We are constantly updating the site)

          Country                                     Flag  Country                             Flag
   Argentina                       Flag Argentina       Belize                          Flag - Belize
          Bolivia                        Flag - Bolivia        Chile                           Flag - Chile
         Colombia                     Flag - Colombia      Costa Rica                    Flag Costa Rica
          Cuba                           Flag - Cuba  Dominican Republic        Flag Dominican Republic
         Ecuador                      Flag Ecuador      El Salvador                  Flag El Salvador   
        Honduras                    Flag Honduras      Guatemala                   Flag Guatemala
         Mexico                        Flag Mexico       Nicaragua                    Flag Nicaragua
           Panama                    Flag Panama       Paraguay                     Flag Paraguay
           Peru                          Flag Peru        Spain                           Flag Spain
           Uruguay                   Flag Uruguay         Venezuela                 Flag Venezuela